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Now is the time for your small business to shine, probably more than ever before. It’s time for potential customers and clients to know how great you and your business are.

I have talked about the value of written testimonials on my LinkedIn and Instagram pages. But people are still reluctant to ask their satisfied clients and customers to provide a testimonial.


Maybe you think that if someone has paid you for your professional services, then that’s enough. Perhaps you believe that if you have given someone a stress-free retail experience, that is just part of the deal. This could be your justification for not asking for a written testimonial.

Rewire that thought process.

In the business world, testimonial is a fancy word for ‘thank you.’ We say thank you to show our appreciation. Thank you is how we respond to someone who has done something for us or has given something to us. Thanking someone is quite simply good manners.

We were continually reminded throughout our formative years to use our manners and say thank you. “Thank you for letting me come over and play” … “thank you for my birthday present” … “thank you for helping me with my homework” … “thank you for driving me home.” You get the picture.

Most people are happy to show their gratitude and will provide a written testimonial for you to splash across your website and social media platforms. They might ask for a bit of help with the wording, but they won’t hesitate to let others know about you and how fabulous you are.

The other side to asking for testimonials is to give one voluntarily. Email, text, or DM the business owner and thank them. And be sure to tell them that they are welcome to publish your testimonial on whatever platforms they use.

Giving an encouraging testimonial will make you feel good, will make a small business owner feel good, and could help attract new clients and customers to that business.

Not sure what to say in a testimonial? Get in touch, and I can help you out.

Words are my business.

Image by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash