1. Testimonials are a great way to let business owners know when clients and customers are happy.
  2. Clients and customers spread the word with their friends, colleagues, and followers when they’re happy with a service or product.
  3. Businesses rely on happy clients and customers – they keep the wheels turning.

Here’s some kind words from a few of my happy clients.

Jeremy Freeth Everything Epoxy

When starting our new business, we needed someone to write our website content. The Write Track made this a simple process. Simone sat down with us, got a general feel for what we and the business were about and created our website content – hassle free! Simone’s knowledge and ability allows her to take your ideas and blend them with her own to build a final product that will suit your needs. It was a pleasure to work with her and we look forward to working with her on future projects. www.everythingepoxy.com.au/

Belle Chapman Director & Founder - Forevermore Foundation

I started a new venture, The Forevermore Foundation and even though I am great with a camera, words are not my thing. I am no wordsmith. Simone got in touch with me after I was featured in a Get Off the Bench podcast episode with Kerryn Vaughan. I then reached out to Simone for help with an application I was doing, and later asked her to put some words together for some marketing material. Simone was so easy to work with - we had a quick chat and I sent her some words I had written with an overview from my business. She then went ahead and worked her magic and gave me the most amazing words I have ever read. If you need help with words, Simone is definitely your gal. You won’t be disappointed. www.forevermorefoundation.com.au/

Michael Robinson MDR Digital Images

I first got in touch with Simone at The Write Track to ask a few questions about my website, which I was in the process of updating. Simone was generous with her time and knowledge and was able to talk me through a brief website review. I then engaged Simone’s services to write a script to highlight my videography services. I wasn’t sure about the script length I would need so Simone wrote a short-form script, a mid-form script and a long-form script. Unprompted, she also provided sample recordings of each script. This helped me decide which footage worked best in conjunction with the script. I chose short-form, and also chose to use Simone’s supplied audio on my website. Simone is easy to work with, is a great communicator and she certainly took the pressure off when I had writer’s block. I have no hesitation in recommending Simone at The Write Track to provide written content for businesses (and audio if you want it!). www.mdrdigitalimages.com.au

Sheree Kerr Warragul Flower Shop

We cannot speak highly enough of Simone. Her prompt, professional and friendly service has been of huge benefit to our business. Tailoring something spot-on every time, we leave the brief in her capable hands and it’s always impressive. www.warragulflowershop.com.au

Glenn Dawson The Only Straw

Working with Simone at The Write Track was a fantastic experience, easy and very informative for me and my website builders with no knowledge of how it all works. We have a fantastic new site now and have been able to bring it alive with great words from a mix of Simone’s words and my words making it shine with my personality and where the business should head in its branding. I believe this will be a forever thing of changing or updating copy and look forward to working more in the future with The Write Track. www.theonlystraw.com.au

Sonya Wilkinson Founder - Boyant Sea - Floatation Tanks and Salt Rooms, Warragul

I got in touch with Simone at The Write Track to chat about a radio ad campaign I was planning. The radio station offered to write the ad script, but I knew Simone had written radio ads in her previous job. We discussed the direction I wanted to go in and the outcome I wanted from the ad. Simone wrote a script that captured what I was after and resulted in a successful ad campaign.

Sasha and Jen Owners - Aneve Hair, Warragul

Simone at The Write Track has been so easy to work with, helping put our writing content together for our website. She listened and understood exactly what we were after and delivered in a timely manner. We were very impressed with the outcome and really enjoyed working with Simone.

Ben Codling Director - Baw Baw Real Estate - Warragul

My real estate business is relatively new, and I was looking for creative input with some letter writing. I knew that Simone was a copywriter and former real estate agent, so I gave her a call. I asked Simone to create a couple of email templates and she was able to say exactly what I wanted to convey. I can now use these templates whenever I need to.

Sonya Wilkinson Founder - Bouyant Sea – Floatation Tanks and Salt Rooms, Warragul

I originally contacted Simone at The Write Track for new brochures I was designing for my Salt Rooms. After a few phone calls and only a couple of revisions, Simone came up with the wording I was looking for. Simone went beyond just writing the words. She spent extra time with me to help choose images to complement the written copy. It was as important to her as it was to me to get the final product just right. I was thrilled with the end result.

Linda Kenney & Tracey Cusden Complete Occasions Decorating - Warragul

We were a new partnership looking to revive the original website of our newly acquired business. Simone at The Write Track rewrote our web pages and captured who we are, our tone and our brand personality. We love working with people who take pride in their work and business and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with Simone. We have since had Simone write copy for other jobs ranging from print ads and flyers to Instagram tags.

Robert Sim Director - John Kerr Real Estate, Moe & Trafalgar

We were looking for a point of difference for our marketing and decided on a regular Video Blog. We were introduced to Simone of The Write Track by Honeypot Creations, our marketing managers. After a round table chat and a few phone calls, Simone provided the script for our initial vlog. The language and tone were ideal for what we wanted, and we were complimented on our video presentation by many people in our community.

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