My story so far . . .

Hi. I’m Simone Bowers, owner and creator of The Write Track Copywriting Services. This is the place where I work directly with you to make sure you, your business and your brand are being seen.

I am a local business owner and I have lived in the Warragul region for most of my life. Thanks to technology, I can divide my working life between Warragul and Phillip Island. I have been a legal executive, a licensed estate agent, a sales manager, and an advertising consultant. Now I am a professional copywriter specialising in creating quality content that captures the attention of your target audience.

The power of the written word is genetically instilled in me. My Pop was a multi award-winning published writer of poetry, memoir, and song. My Mum holds the family title of Quickest Crossword Solver of All Time (nobody stands a chance of stealing that trophy from her). I have an Uncle and cousins in the education sector and the arts (songwriting and performing). And I am a wordsmith (aka ‘word nerd’).

Words motivate me – writing, reading, listening, and speaking. But not public speaking … I am allergic to public speaking. Don’t get me wrong – I’m fine with writing the speech, it’s the delivery that brings me undone. I am in awe of people who can stand in front of people they barely know and just start speaking. They do this because they have confidence in delivering their message. They know that their words will resonate with their audience. Their words can captivate a small group or a large crowd and hold their attention. Words that have been carefully thought out, researched and well-written.

I am a people-person, I am a professional copywriter and I am your answer to writer’s block.

If you want people talking about your brand, let’s chat.