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Social media or website?

Okay, okay. I know that websites are considered a bit ‘ho-hum’ by some people. But a good website is a must-have for most businesses, whether service or product based.

You can include as much or as little information as you want but a website is where your buyers can learn about you and what you offer. They can tap into the history of your enterprise, navigate from page to page, and eventually land on your ‘get in touch / contact me’ page.

Your website should be easy to find

The big question is: how can your target audience find your website without knowing your business name? If they’re just randomly Googling words that relate to your industry?

The bigger question is: where does your target audience hang out?

If your target audience hangs out on social media, your posts should include keywords and searchable hashtags that lead them to your social media platform.

Getting from A to B

Now that they’ve arrived at your social media door, it’s your job to entice them over to your website. Offer a freebie (eBook, newsletter opt-in, new customer discount) and a CTA (‘head to my website. Link in bio’).

Growing your email list

Once your new customer/client has safely landed at your website, they can wander around and check out what you are all about. The ideal outcome is that your content will have encouraged them to leave their name and email. Now you can add them to your email list.

The beauty of all of this is that You.Own.Your.Email.List. Whenever there’s a glitch with any social media platforms, you still have your reliable website and your email list. Win/win.

Working together

You can make your social media platforms work hand in hand with your website. Post content that attracts your target audience and gets them interested. Include a sweetener that leaves them wanting more information, that can only be found on your website.

What to write

It can take a little more time to write website content. But you can repurpose social media posts and reels. Tweak the written content and turn it into a blog post; edit the reel and upload the video. Jump in and edit your web copy occasionally.

Or reach out to a professional copywriter for help with expanding your keywords and phrases.

Need some guidance?

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