"If you know what to say,
but don’t know how to say it,
outsource to a professional copywriter."

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Web Copy

The right web copy gets your business noticed by the right people … the users.

Your website needs to be a smooth experience for the user. If their user experience (UX) is clunky, they’ll move on to the next good-looking site. It’s important to make your pages easy to read and your website easy to navigate.

Content that Google asked for in the old days has changed. Its search algorithms now link web users to the most relevant, trustworthy, and reliable content possible.You have to write for people. Actual humans, not bots.

You’ve heard of keywords – the words that describe your brand and are often stuffed all through your web copy. Keyword stuffing is not a thing anymore. Knowing the right keywords and where they fit is important, but it’s only one piece of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) jigsaw.

Copywriters need to think like Google searchers and put themselves in their shoes. We become the user. We think of short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. We come up with search queries that a user would ask Google.This is how the pieces of the SEO puzzle fit together.

SEO copywriting is about understanding the intent of your target audience. It’s about creating content that will drive them to your website, make them want to stay awhile and spend some time looking around.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is another player in the SEO game. It’s about getting your audience to trust you, to get to know you, and to believe in your business.

Once again, Google search algorithms are smarter now and seek out new players – players that are trustworthy, reputable and have authority. You can be that player.

You can earn audience trust by giving them something useful, interesting, and relatable. User friendly, easy to read blogs, newsletters, emails, and e-books can keep your audience connected to your business.

Time spent lingering on your site is a big deal to Google. It shows that users think you are worth spending time with, and worth getting to know. Well-crafted content is the right path to attract visitors to your site. The right content will have them browsing, clicking, and sharing.

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Business Writing

Business writing doesn’t sound as glamourous as content marketing, but the desired outcome is the same. You want to reach your target audience and keep them interested and loyal to your brand.

Business writing can be time consuming and in business, time is money. You didn’t set out to be a copywriter when you went into business – you have more important things to do.

I will write your business copy in the tone that is synonymous with your personality. It’s your ideas mixed with my copywriting skills to produce the perfect recipe.

Business Writing

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Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Decent blogs tick another SEO box for Google to improve your ranking. Blogs are simply online articles with a modern twist. Thought-leadership pieces. Blog pages can be updated weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Or any time you have an ah-ha moment. Your blogs are another way to keep your audience interested and on board.

Blogging takes time that many business owners don’t have. But I do. Creating blog packages is more efficient than cranking them out one at a time. Order a pack and have them up your sleeve for when you’re ready to post. I will tailor a package to meet your timeline and reach your target market.

I can produce blog content that your readers will want to share with their followers. And sharing means increasing your audience and your brand profile. And your profits.

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Real Estate copy

Is your real estate team devoting too much time and energy conjuring up attention-grabbing headlines and ad content? Could that time be put to better use by sourcing listings? Listings that generate sales … sales that generate income?

Your hardworking agents have the drive to be the best in the game. Real estate is their passion, not copywriting. Striving to give clients top level service and retaining those clients is the objective for every real estate agent. They want to be known for the properties they list, sell, and let. What is more important to your business – sourcing leads and exclusive listings or writing real estate copy?

Get back to what you and your agents do best. Use your valuable time to increase listings and commissions, while I use my time to increase your brand profile.

real estate copy

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Marketing Extras

Social Media

Managing your social media content can be a juggling act. Writing copy for one platform will not always work for another. That’s because followers vary significantly between platforms. Just like movies, books and music, one genre doesn’t suit all audiences. I can help you create bite sized pieces of content and useful hashtags for your networks:

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Radio media scripts

Radio ad scripts

Commercial radio advertising is still popular because it works on subliminal messaging. Those words and tunes that you hear over and over and over. Suddenly you can recite an ad you didn’t realise you had heard. You even know the slogan and jingle of your biggest competitor.

Radio ads can be supplied by the station, or you can have a unique radio ad crafted by a copywriter – me.

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Video blogs (vlogs)

Recording and updating your own videos is a great way to connect with your audience, but what do you want to say? I can create a simple script for you to follow or use as a guide for your video blogs. Visitors will stay on your page longer and share your videos with their online community. Another tick in the SEO box for Google and your online presence.

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Print Media

Newspapers and magazines are still alive and well, with some help from paid ads and advertorials. They will continue to thrive for as long as businesses keep advertising, and the consumers keep buying.

Print is another way for people to get to know you. You can supply a distinctive ad with your carefully chosen images and my carefully chosen words. Something catchy to make the readers sit up and take notice of you and your brand.

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