Think Outside the Algorithm

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Most businesses have at least one social media profile from the many on offer – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Some people post regularly to all platforms; some post occasionally to most platforms; and some concentrate on the one or two platforms that suit their business.

And some are just not sure of where and what they should be posting to attract new clients and customers.

Finding new clients or customers is not always through mainstream marketing. Not all small businesses and new businesses have the budget for a social media marketer or social media training.

If you are new to social media and trying to find your way around the map of do’s and don’ts, think outside the square. While the algorithms are doing their thing to increase your social media profile, think about what you could be doing to increase your real-life profile.

Picture this:

  • You’re standing in line at the coffee shop and overhear the barista talking about how hard it is to find a house cleaner
  • You’re at the self-serve checkout and two people are discussing where to find a reputable photographer for family portraits
  • You strike up a conversation with somebody when you are walking your exceptionally well-groomed dog 
  • You are given a compliment about your new haircut and colour by a random stranger (always a nice thing to do by the way) 
  • A friend of a friend is trying to arrange their wedding but needs some help with styling and planning
  • Your partner’s boss is arranging a small corporate function and wants to hire an event planner
  • Your bookstore is introducing a new manager and they need a website update and a professional profile written 

If your business could help in a scenario like any of these, politely offer your business card or contact details. Or if you know someone who owns a business that fits the need, offer their details.

Keep your mind and eyes open to new business opportunities. Whatever business you are in, somebody somewhere needs what you have to offer.

And if it’s words you’re after, head to my contact page. Words are my business.