5 simple Christmas message ideas

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There is no doubting the power of the written word. Whether it’s a professionally written piece of work by a copywriter or a heartfelt letter written by a friend or loved one … the right words can make a difference.

As this year of confusion draws to a close, think about what you could do this festive season to make someone’s day that little bit better. Picking up a pen and putting words on paper or sitting at your keyboard and tapping out an email could be the answer.

Here’s a handful of ideas to get you started:

  1. Go old-school and write in an actual Christmas card. The real deal, not an online version. The older members of your family and friendship group are still delighted to get a Christmas card in their letter box. If you intend to send it by post … get a wriggle on.
  2. Create your own card, using your own images and limited only by your imagination, and deliver it in person. It’s a perfect opportunity for a catch up with someone you may have lost touch with during lock down.
  3. Whip up an e-card with a collage of photos and photo tags, include a well written message inside … and attach it to a personal email.
  4. Put a newsletter together and get your interstate and intrastate family and friends up to date with your plans for the festive season. It can be short and sweet, or filled with snippets of humour and tales of anticipated frivolity.
  5. Write short but meaningful messages on your gift tags. Think about the significance of your carefully chosen words and make them memorable.

Whatever words you choose, if they are well thought out and your message is one of honesty then you have achieved your goal to deliver something special this festive season.

photo by Ylanite Koppens from Stocksnap