7 ways you can support local businesses

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  1. Ongoing support from the local community and local business owners is hugely important. It’s the reason many businesses are displaying ‘Open’ signs instead of ‘For Lease’ signs. 2020 has seen the closure of many businesses, some permanently. Continued support for those still trading instills confidence in getting through these extraordinarily tough times.
  2. Local people genuinely want to see their local business owners succeed. Their success is representative of a supportive community, especially in times of financial hardship. And we all want to live within a supportive community.
  3. “I can get it cheaper online” is a common reason people don’t stay local. Occasionally sending your money out of your region isn’t a sin … but regularly spending money within your region is always appreciated and helps with local employment.
  4. Pick up the phone and call your local businesses if you’re thinking about shopping out of town. Give them a chance to supply what you want at a price you’ll be happy with before assuming they can’t match a competitor.
  5. Visit your local businesses in person when you can – get to know them. A friendly smile and a chat about the weather or what’s on the menu for dinner could brighten their day and yours.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions … you can learn so much from your local businesspeople. They can share their knowledge and direct you to other local businesses.
  7. Be proud of yourself. By supporting your local business, you are supporting your local economy. That’s how regional towns stay afloat … locals connecting with locals.

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