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You know that you’re great at what you do, but how do you get this message across without sounding narcissistic?

It’s as if everyone is judging you by your words. Their power cannot be underestimated when so many people hang off the latest offerings on socials, newsletters, emails and blogs.

We are surrounded by words even when we’re not glued to our phones, tablets and laptops. The voices of your chosen breakfast show or drive-time radio hosts, often spruiking the latest product or service. The cleverly worded ad on the side of a bus or the back of a cab. The carefully chosen sale information on the windows of local shop. Marketing flyers and catalogues delivered to your mailbox. Even the business card handed to you on meeting a new connection.

Words are everywhere and the pressure of getting them right is undeniable. The right words will be the difference between attracting and connecting with your audience or losing them to your competitors.

If you feel socially inadequate when it comes to spruiking your business, you are not alone. Coming up with the right words for your social platforms, website pages and marketing material can be a genuine fear if this doesn’t come naturally.

What if you have writer’s block? Or what if you are not a word person? You are brilliant at delivering your service or supplying your product … but coming up with the right words is out of your comfort zone. You know what you want to say but you can’t work out how to say it.

Just as you cannot underestimate the power of words, you cannot ignore the importance of a professional copywriter, content specialist or social media manager. When you engage the services of professionals, you get more people talking about you and what you do.

Words are our business.

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