Why you need a professional bio

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You deserve an outstanding professional bio

A polished, detailed professional bio is a must-have when it comes to marketing collateral. You just need to get the content right by including information that has visitors rushing to your website to learn more about you and your business.

A well written professional bio can make a difference

You want to stand out from the crowd and attract potential clients, not lose them to your competitors.

You probably hold back when talking about yourself, your business, and your success. You will almost certainly hold back when writing your own professional bio.

Most people don’t want to come across as narcissistic and all ‘look at me.’ That’s where I step into the void and write your honest, not-too-braggy bio. Because I will include those little things that you would leave out.

Keep your bio simple and keep your reader interested

Your bio should be simple enough to hold your reader’s attention and engaging enough to keep your reader interested. It’s the PDF to unlock opportunities to meet new clients and customers and can be emailed or delivered in hard copy. Think of it as your digital passport to new and exciting places.

When you will need a bio

  • Your website – it can be included in your About Page, or your Story So Far Page
  • LinkedIn – export important information from your bio to your LinkedIn profile
  • Meet [insert your name here] – a single- or double-sided PDF brochure all about you
  • Meet the Team – a streamlined version can be included in a brochure about the team
  • Guest writing – a condensed version introducing yourself to a new audience
  • Socials – selected snippets from your full bio

3 reasons to get your bio right

  1. Attract your target audience
  2. Create new connections
  3. Encourage people to get in touch
Keep your professional bio relevant

Now that you have your bio, keep it current. Update and edit as needed … new qualifications, more job experience and life experience, new headshot.

Professional copywriter + professional photographer = outstanding professional bio

I have collaborated with a professional photographer to offer you a low-cost, high-end bio. Get in touch for a quote to create your outstanding professional bio.

Words are my business.