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Does your audience know, like and trust you?

Do you regularly show your face to your audience? On your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram posts?

No? You’re not alone.

Many of us hide behind our businesses by posting memes, snappy quotes and sharing someone else’s content. Nothing wrong with that. But you are not allowing your audience to get to know you, the person behind the brand.

Encouraging people to spend with us instead of throwing their money at the big corporates is a big deal. We need to show our faces, give insights into our personalities, and motivate consumers to support our small businesses.

How do we compete with big businesses?

Show the human side of your business and the face behind the brand. Inject snippets of your personality into your website blogs, LinkedIn articles and social media posts. Share your challenges and triumphs with your audience. 

The importance of know, like and trust

When it comes to supporting small business, it’s important for you to instil trust in your customers and clients. Once they get to know you and like what you and your business have to offer, they will grow to trust you. And once trust has been established, loyalty to your small business will follow.

Offer your customers something big business can’t

Personal connection. Your familiar face, funny little quips, informative articles, personal posts … the list goes on. You won’t see the big players getting up close and personal with their clients and customers any time soon.

I don’t know about you, but I get a genuine feeling of self-satisfaction when I have spent money with a small business. Especially because I have made an effort to get to know the business, I have developed a liking for what they do … and I trust that they are the real deal.

If you need a hand coming up with the right words (or if you need two hands tapping on a keyboard) let me help you out.

Words are my business.