5 writing projects a copywriter can help you put together

You are currently viewing 5 writing projects a copywriter can help you put together
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  1. Invitation wording for interesting parties
    1. Cardboard-Coffin Painting and Decorating (yes – it’s a thing)
    2. Throwing a Divorce Party
    3. Celebrating your blended family
  2. Stories for your funeral
    1. A thoughtfully condensed story of your life
    2. Amusing anecdotes to lift the mood
    3. A unique personal quote or verse to remember you by
  3. Writing your memoirs
    1. Guidance to bring your story together cohesively
    2. A third-party eye to look over your work
    3. Ghost-writing the entire project
  4. Your wedding vows (or renewal vows)
    1. Stringing something poetic together…
    2. or something amusing…
    3. or something a little bit quirky
  5. Speeches for all occasions
    1. special occasion speech (birthday, wedding, funeral)
    2. motivational speech (mentor, work milestone, sports coach)
    3.  informative (educational)

Coming up with the right words for important occasions can be incredibly daunting. Whether it is delivering a speech, writing something memorable or throwing a party it’s not always the best idea to revert to “I’ll just google it.”

Copywriters create more than just marketing material – we are professional writers who can step in to lend a writing-hand when you are stuck for words.

Look at your project as a meal creation – you have all the ingredients in front of you, but you can’t understand the recipe. A copywriter will combine the ingredients to create a word-dish you will be proud to deliver.

Get in touch if you need help – words are my business.