Headline writing. Strength or weakness?

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Good Vibes … Great headline. It sparks interest.

Writing an attention-grabbing headline can be a major workout for some people.

If you fall into the ‘headlines are a marathon’ category, there are some simple hacks to help you get over the hurdle and cross the finish line like a true athlete.

Ask a question

“Do you need help with … ?”

(Insert your words: finding your market niche / a self-care plan / tackling public speaking)

“Have you ever tried …?”

“Did you know …?”

Use numbers

“7 good reasons to learn the basics of online marketing”

“5 days to a more relaxed you”

“Shake your fear of public speaking in 3 simple steps”

Play with words

“Reel in your customers with the right hashtags and reels”

“A self-care plan is just an idea until you bring it to life”

“Unfasten your fear. Unbutton your lips. Untie your tongue. You’re ready”

Offer a solution

“You asked – we delivered. Find your answer to … here”

“How to meditate at your desk (and nobody will notice)”

“Start with a microphone and a mirror and get comfortable”

Keep it simple

The simplicity of the words and conversational language will attract the right people to your business.

Still unsure?

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