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Writing for your business

Do you love words?

Most of my Google searches start with: “What is another word for …?” or “What is another term for …?” I can’t get enough of words!

Do you make time to write ads and captions?

Get excited about jumping onto Google to find great words to give your business writing a bit more zing?

Do you feel a tingle of happiness when you find a new word to add to your inner dictionary?

Maybe I’m in the minority with the word thing.

Are you writing your own content?

I know some of you, like me, are fine with creating content and copy. But most of you are probably thinking:

“What? Are you serious? I don’t have time for that. The less stuff I read and write, the better!”

This can mean one of two things:

  1. You’re not bothering with content – full stop.
  2. You throw something together at the last minute – fingers crossed.

Professional help is a time-saver

I feel the same about keeping up with social media algorithm changes – I don’t have time to know that stuff. But I have a super-qualified Social Media Specialist to keep me on the ball with this.

I have an undisguised dislike for numbers – I have a skilled accountant to look after this.

I did not build my own website – I had an experienced web developer for this.

Your clients and customers come to you because you have knowledge and experience in your industry. This is why you are successful at what you do.

I can write for your industry

Are you writing blogs, business emails, articles, and advertorials? Telling the public why you are the best at what you do/sell/offer. Or is that the stuff you put on the backburner?

I am your answer to writer’s block. I write for your specific industry, whatever it may be.

I specialise in the property sector. I have decades of experience as a Legal Executive, conveyancer, and real estate agent, and will save you time by taking care of your business writing.

Use your time to concentrate on what you do in your business … engage my copywriting services to write about it.

Words are my business.

Let’s chat – I’m easy to find

Email: simone@thewritetrack.com.au

Insta: Simone Bowers The Write Track

LinkedIn: Simone Bowers

Web: www.thewritetrack.com.au