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When is the right time to write?

If you’re not a professional writer …

Professional writers don’t always hit the laptop keys at a million miles a minute to produce their next piece of work.

A LinkedIn article, blog, or social media post that comes across as easy to read could be the result of months, weeks, or days of research. Or it could be the product of the content writer or copywriter being on a writing roll – generated in less than a couple of hours.

It stands to reason that anyone who struggles to find large chunks of time to write will find it difficult to come up with something they are happy with. That’s when writer’s block can settle in.

Here’s a tip … break it down

Don’t treat your writing projects like Christmas dinner – a banquet of meats, veggies, and condiments to be finished in one sitting. Your head space will be as full as a Christmas-lunch belly and you will feel just as sluggish.

Think of your writing as a degustation meal. The chef doesn’t crank out eight delectable courses and have every dish delivered to the table at once. The diners are given the opportunity to savour each dish separately and within a designated time frame.

Allocate short time portions for your writing. It could be as little as 15-minute entrée-sized times, or as much as 2 hours full-course time. Do whatever works for you and allows you to feel satisfied with the final piece.

Batch it up

When the ideas are popping into your head, batch your social media and blog posts while you are on an upward trajectory. This will allow you to have a few spares up your sleeve for those not-so-upward days.

Write with a clear head

There are no hard and fast rules about when and where you should write. But try to be focused and fresh … writing when you’re tired, cranky, or hungover isn’t ideal.

If you’re spending more time trying to write for your business than you are spending in and on your business, consider getting in touch with a professional writer.

If you need a hand coming up with the right words let me help you out.

Words are my business.

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