5 simple ways to repurpose old content

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Stuck for fresh content ideas?

We all suffer from writer’s block – it’s normal. Even professional writers come up against brick walls when trying to create fresh copy and content. Here’s the good news: start trawling through your old published content for ideas.

Yes, you absolutely can repurpose your old content

If you’re worried that ‘someone’ might think it’s something they’ve already seen … don’t be. Chances are nobody’s memory is so great that they will remember and if they do, it’s okay. You are repurposing your own work and that’s legal. You cannot plagiarise yourself.

Try these 5 easy rewriting options

  1. Rearrange a tip you have given and turn it into a Q & A. Your tip might have been: “Repurposing old content could save you time and worry.” The Q&A option is: “Q.  Are you too busy to write new content? … A. Try rewriting one of your earlier posts/stories/articles”
  2. Expand on a social media post and turn it into a blog.
  3. Take a grab from a blog post and use it as a social media post.
  4. Interview a client or customer and share it as an article with your audience.
  5. Use quotes from a clients or customers as monthly testimonials.

Before you publish or post:

• Proofread
• Publish one now to wherever your target market likes to hang out
• Save the others for busy times

✔️ job done

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